Human resources that can advance industry and technology are critical to a country’s economic success. Yet in too many countries the need for those resources is not being met as fewer young people choose to study engineering and the applied sciences.

The Roberto Rocca Education Program seeks to address this problem by providing scholarships, for study at the undergraduate level, and fellowships, for Ph.D. studies, to talented students in engineering and the applied sciences in selected countries. The program reflects the long-standing commitment of the late Roberto Rocca and the sponsoring companies to supporting education at all levels in countries where the sponsoring companies have a major presence.

The program’s fellowship and scholarship components alike are focused on supporting students in disciplines that include materials science as well as mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering.

Both scholarships and fellowships are awarded on the basis of the student’s academic and professional accomplishments, leadership potential and commitment to the economic and industrial advancement of his or her home country. The student’s financial need is also taken into account in awarding most scholarships and fellowships.