Exhibition “Laberintos” on PROA TV

Presented in an online class by the curators Mayra Zolezzi and Cecilia Jaime, the exhibition exhibits examples of history, literature, cinema and the plastic arts, taking a tour of its rooms, organized into four thematic nuclei.

Community Relations | December 2022



Labyrinths are real spaces, crossroads premises and mental dilemmas. Places to lock up mythological and literary monsters since ancient times. The "Laberintos" exhibition at Fundación PROA, that will be presented in this class by the curators Mayra Zolezzi and Cecilia Jaime, exhibits examples of history, literature, cinema and the plastic arts, taking a tour of its rooms organized into four thematic nuclei.

The exhibition includes works by Michellangelo Pistoletto, Xul Solar, Dan Graham, Regina Silveira, Horacio Zabala, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Ilaria Di Carlo, among many others. The first core deals with the history of the labyrinth and its multiple links, which are explored throughout the exhibition. That is to say, the origin of the labyrinth in the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, up to the present time that technically expands to the Internet labyrinth, considered the largest in the world.

The second nucleus corresponds to the artistic approach of the city as a labyrinth. Third, the labyrinth in literature and cinema through the presence of emblematic writers such as Borges, Cortázar and the emblematic magazine Minotaure, as well as through film scenes that addressed the theme of the labyrinth in different ways. Lastly, the labyrinth in the body is addressed. The curators of the exhibition will present this and other curatorial projects that have taken the Labyrinth as their theme.

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