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A Decade of Commitment to Quality Education

In 2023, the Roberto Rocca Technical School in Campana celebrates a decade from its inception and marks the beginning of a network that began in Argentina, continued in Mexico, and today extends to Brazil.


This year, the Roberto Rocca Technical Schools Network (ETRRs in Spanish) celebrates its 10th anniversary, with the creation of the first ETRR in Campana, Argentina. This is what Paolo Rocca, President of the Techint Group, said in 2013, at the opening ceremony: “The commitment to education has always been a fundamental value for the Techint Group. My grandfather Agostino brought with him from Italy this vision of an industrial project, where education has a central role, for the company and for the community”.

And then he referred to his father Roberto, who demonstrated a constant concern for education, with the conviction that it is the primary source of personal development and the engine that transforms communities. "If my father Roberto were here, visiting this school, he would be looking at the workshops, appreciating the machines. I am sure that he would be very pleased and very happy to see what has been accomplished in such a short time”.

ETRR Campana 2023

Campana ETRR.

Ten years later, the educational project that began in Argentina and continued in 2016 in Mexico, with the inauguration of the Pesquería ETRR, extends to Brazil, where the Santa Cruz ETRR is being built.

CWith a long-term view, Ludovico Grillo, Director of Campana ETRR, expressed:

In the next 10 years, our School will continue to grow. It will be pushed by its students, by the projects that arise, by the commitment of the teachers to achieve better teaching and to work more and more with the community."

In turn, the Director of Pesquería ETRR, Efrén Castillo, said: “For us, being part of this Network of Schools is a very important incentive. Each year implies a greater challenge, each kid represents hope not only for themselves but for their families”.

Copia De ETRR MX 2

The Pesquería ETRR was inaugurated in 2016.

Campana ETRR among the 50 best schools in the world

The Roberto Rocca Technical School in Campana was selected for the World's Best School Prize 2023, an award that recognizes the best institutions in the world in five categories: collaboration with the community, environmental action, innovation, overcoming adversity and promoting healthy lives.

Thus, the ETRR was ranked among the 50 best schools in the world and as one of the 10 most innovative for its transformation in learning methodologies, putting the student at the centre of the process. In September, a shortlist of 15 finalists will be announced, three per category, and finally in October the five winning schools will be published, which will be chosen by a jury made up of prominent leaders from around the world, including academics, educators, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, government authorities, civil society, and the private sector.

Erika Bienek, Director of Community Relations for the Techint Group, said:

It is a great honor to be among the 50 best schools in the world and among the 10 most innovative ones. It represents the joint growth of the private sector with the community, and the commitment to quality education, with innovative methods as a fundamental vehicle for progress, upward social mobility, and integration."

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