Together with the communities for a sustainable development

The Techint Group's Community Relations team redesigned and expanded the objective of its educational programs with the aim of strengthening equal opportunities, social mobility and educational innovation.

Thursday, August 11, 2022


For more than 70 years, the companies of the Techint Group have been promoting a global project based on education as a fundamental pillar for both individual progress and the social development of communities.

The main objective during 2021 was to strengthen students and teachers in the return to face-to-face learning in their schools, remedying educational levels and narrowing the educational gap. Therefore, Community Relations worked to expand the goal of the various educational programs (Roberto Rocca Technical Schools Network, Roberto Rocca Technical Gene, Roberto Rocca Afterschool and Roberto Rocca Scholarships), thus ratifying the firm conviction that education is the main tool for the sustainable and virtuous growth of communities.

Erika Bienek, Director of Community Relations at Techint Group, said: "During 2021 we redesigned our educational offer of programs to support schools with technology, creating educational content for the community and providing scholarships to less privileged students, we always seek to recognize education and merit as tools for social mobility.""

The Annual Community Relations Report reflects the progress and actions developed during 2021:

  • US$ 40.2 million invested in our educational and cultural programs
  • 20 countries and 60 communities involved
  • 36,773 people participated in educational programs
  • 171,596 people participated in cultural programs




Access the 2021 Annual Community Relations Report by CLICKING HERE.


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