The school of Campana where children already learn in "the classrooms of the future" following an innovative Dutch method

The newspaper La Nación published on the cover of its weekly magazine an extensive article about the Roberto Rocca Technical School (ETRR), as a case of educational spaces that generate transformation in education. With testimonies from the international designer Rosan Bosch, and the directors of the ETRR Ludovico Grillo and Mariana Albarracín, the model of Project-Based Learning and the integral redesign of educational spaces, among other topics, are addressed.

Trayectoria Matemáticas

Rethinking the teaching of mathematics in high schools

Accede al Informe Anual de Relaciones con la Comunidad 2021


Together with the communities for a sustainable development

Conversaciones con Expertos

Alejandro Piscitelli: ¿Trabajos del futuro o futuro del trabajo?

En un nuevo "Ciclo de Conversaciones con Expertos”, el reconocido filósofo argentino, especializado en Educación Digital y nuevos medios, brindará una charla gratuita en la que abordará el tema de la Inteligencia Artificial y el “aumento” de las habilidades humanas. Será el jueves 29 de septiembre, a las 11 horas (Argentina), vía youtube. Además, se transmitirá por zoom con traducción simultáneo al inglés y portugués.


Booklet: Prácticas innovadoras para el diseño de nuevos escenarios pedagógicos

The Techint Group awards 1,293 scholarships to outstanding students from secondary schools and universities in Argentina

These are 1,080 secondary school students and 213 university students of engineering and applied sciences, who stand out for their effort and academic excellence in eight provinces of the country. The first scholarship award ceremony took place at the Roberto Rocca Technical School in Campana, with the presence of Paolo Rocca, president of the Techint Group.

A path toward sustainable and equitable progress

The Annual Community Relations Annual Report of the Techint Group shows how much the educational programs have grown in strength and scope, reaching over 55,500 students and teachers from 19 countries.


From South to North and From North to South: Volunteers Transform Schools


Together with the communities for a sustainable development

The Techint Group's Community Relations team redesigned and expanded the objective of its educational programs with the aim of strengthening equal opportunities, social mobility and educational innovation.


Booklet: Prácticas innovadoras para el diseño de nuevos escenarios pedagógicos

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