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Roberto Rocca
Technical School Network

We are a network of excellence schools that trains people of integrity and high-quality technicians, who develop cutting-edge technological skills, contributing to equal opportunities and the progress of communities and the educational system.




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Our Mission

To train integral people capable of carrying out a life project, with high quality technological skills, and of facing the challenges of the industry. Promote educational programs of excellence, innovation with the intelligent use of technology, to create a link with the productive sector and its community and the incorporation and dissemination of the best pedagogical practices.

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Mathematical Thoughts

"I could never learn the 7 times table, but I feel I'm good at math”

By Daniela Reyes-Gasperini. Either you are within the group of people who know mathematics or you are not. What if we change the dichotomy? A thought to make you ponder: what would you have done in school if you could have expressed yourself as freely as in your everyday life?

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Mediate Learning

Social and emotional skills for sustainable development

By Macarena Carregal and Mónica Estévez. Climate change, social imbalance and technological advances are issues that bombard us daily. But, who is responsible for proposing solutions? Adults or the new generations?

ABP ETRR Campana

Por Manuel Djeredjian y Daniel Bonifaz

Aprendizaje significativo más allá del aula

La pandemia hizo aún más evidente que el aprendizaje significativo se logra conectando a las y los estudiantes con las problemáticas que surgen en el día a día, haciendo foco en motivaciones e intereses, buscando dar respuesta a desafíos reales. Para lograrlo se necesita no solo la mirada de una única materia sino de un proceso interdisciplinario que dé respuestas desde cada arista.

Ternium San Nicolas Foto 2

Por Fernando Favaro y Daniel Celaya

Las prácticas profesionalizantes y las nuevas habilidades del trabajo

Un espacio de aprendizaje que permite vincular a las y los estudiantes con las nuevas habilidades que demanda el mundo laboral. Compartimos las experiencias del programa Gen Técnico en Argentina y de la Escuela Técnica Roberto Rocca en México.


In the exhibition I was proud to show our project of the robotic hand because it was very well armed; It made me happy. If I had to define my 7 years in school in one word, I would say it was excellent.

Camila Guerrero,

Electronic technician graduated from the ETRR of Campana, Argentina.

Other Programs

Technical Gene

We strengthen the knowledge and skills of the 4.0 industry in technical schools.


We promote the development of STEM and social-emotional skills in students from 6 to 15 years old.


We support young people at secondary, university and doctoral levels for their excellence and academic commitment.


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